Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Weather

Ok, so I come back home and start on my new revised summer routine for the girls. This will involve many trips to the mall play area. We have a blast while we are there and I join the kids to the kid's club that meets once every other week. I would have taken pictures of the actual club thing but Mara is apparently afraid of people dressed up as cartoon characters. (Who knew?) But the slide and the lizard are always a big hit.

But then I saw the weather report over the next few days. It involved clouds, wind, rain, and a 20 degree temperature drop. I don't know about other places but for the end of May in Phoenix that means some fun times outdoors. So we have been spending some awesome times outside. We have gone to the zoo, the park, long walks, and just hanging outside for no other reason than we could. It is not every day we get weather this nice.

The picture of Theresa was taken in the farm area at the zoo. That is an actual tractor tire. Mara is on a stone frog that is outside the path that leads to the bears love nest. Another highlight to the day was when the 400+ lb turtle went for a walk.

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Emma said...

Amanda, I love this post! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the amazing weather so much. I felt like I was in San Diego for the weekend. Does the turtle only go for walks of special occasions? I know, You should start a nature show!