Monday, June 23, 2008

Events over the Past week or so

Phx ConGames: I lost Tim to non-stop battle tech games for about a day and a half. I enjoyed several different card and board games. Plus there was this awesome bug tiddly wink type of game called X-Bugs. The kids really enjoyed the children's area. They had these Giant Foam Blocks that built up stuff really high but were highly unstable. Resa sat still for awhile and some older kids in the area tried to build a wall around her. I think it got three bricks high before she crawled through. Mara liked running in and out of an inflated Castle.

Father's Day: It kinda ran into the ConGames but there was special painted cards and what not.

Tim's Birthday: He's now 29. We celebrated the day by just hanging out as a family together like he wanted.

Christen's Wedding: CONGRATS!!! Mark and Christen are now married. It was a fun wedding with alot of folks I haven't seen in awhile and some new family. The only issue is now the kids have 3 uncle Marks. :)

Visit down to S.V. : Just some nice chillin' time with my mom and dad. We roasted hot dogs over an open flame and had some smores a little bit later. Plus Tim got to hang out with his brother some and that doesn't happen all that often.

Well that happens to be the bare bones of what has been going on with us. More pictures and videos to come soon.

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Emma said...

Amanda! I just got back in town that's why I hadn't returned your phone calls. I'm so sorry. Looks like you have been having fun. I will return give you a call soon.