Monday, January 12, 2009


So today was a fun day.  I got to hang out at Ikea with my friends Rachel and Katie today while at Ikea.  This was special because 1) we had been trying to get together for a couple of weeks now 2) Rachel will soon be moving to a strange far away place, hardly ever to be seen again (the west valley).  Mara was sooo excited.  She is tall enough and potty trained so she gets to play in Smalland downstairs while the mommys roam the store wild.  I got to see many an amazing bed and table in that furniture store while catching up on all the fun events and activities of my friends.  After my 90 min of freedom were up, we went and had a fun lunch with the kiddos upstairs.  Mara enjoyed her macaroni and cheese very much while watching a movie in her special eating area.  Then it was goodbyes and so longs and maybe I'll see Rachel again sometime for a kids birthday or too.
Where was Theresa you may ask during this very fun escapade.  She was at home with my most awesome husband.  Monday is the new Saturday, don't you know.  

After some fun family time and a few chores I have the luxury of going off on my own to check e-mail and whatnot outside in downtown Tempe.  I know it is not all that exciting but it is free wi-fi out here.  Plus it is
 day 12 of the photo challenge.  Today's subject: minimalism.  Ok, going for most of the day without knowing the subject matter to shoot is difficult but when you know at the last minute it can still work out ok.  Maybe I'll try and escape earlier tomorrow to see what it is.  

Oh, for most of you that don't know, I started a photo challenge project.  They list a new project for me to take a picture of and post that day.  It presents a challenge when I can't get online till dusk to find out what I'm suppose to shoot that day, but it does get me to blog daily so you get very recent updates.  I don't know if my life is all that interesting to be blogging about daily but at least I won't hear griping about how I need to update more often.  :)

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