Sunday, January 11, 2009


We had a fun Sunday.  We started the day by going to church this morning.  It was our turn to set up the nursery and my turn to run media shout.  On days that we volunteer we always seem to have a better time then when we just go.  Plus Mara really likes to help vacuum up.  After church it was lunch and family nap time.  Then before Tim went off to work I took the girls on a long stroller ride with my laptop.  It is really fun being able to check my e-mail while watching the girls play in the grass.  Plus the wi-fi conection I steal  from my neighbor isn't all that reliable and I haven't been able to get on-line in a couple days.  I found out that today's photochallenge subject is landscape.  Luckily I shot this earlier just because it was pretty.  :)

I hope all of you are enjoying your daily updates.  I'm going to try and keep them coming all year long.  

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