Sunday, January 11, 2009


So it was a fun Saturday.  We started the day by going to my friend Allison's house and eating some yummy bannana bread.  I think I should visit her house more often.  She is so fun with kids and always has stuff for them to do.  

Then I got to hang out at Target and try on some nifty clothes.  Target is always a fun adventure and I left with some really cute tutus for the girls.  

After Target I just hung out at home till Tim had to go to work and then I took off to find my photochallenge subject.  It was hard trying to find a moving target but then my kids are always moving.  I played with some of the features of my new camera at a waterfountain I found.   Then on the way home there was a nifty fire engine as well that I just managed to capture.

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