Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fun Weekend

So on Thursday I went to the zoo. Friday and Saturday I went to the Tempe Arts Festival. Today (Sunday) I went to church, and now I am staying home just hanging out.

The zoo was fun, especially because we went on a different route than normal. I always like just going and enjoying the animals. Mara really gets a kick out of some of the animals, especially if she has seen them in any of her cartoon movies. Plus there are different places all around the zoo where she can just play. After a while she even got to pet some sheep and play on the tractor. She really likes going up to ride it and she can get on and off all by herself. I put Theresa inside an egg while I was there. It's hard to take pictures of her while we are out without them all being her in the stroller. But fun was had by all.

The Tempe Festival of the Arts was fun. There are always fun paintings and whatnot to look at. Plus I love getting something from Shishkaberrie. (If you don't know it is chocolate covered strawberries on a stick.) They also have a free craft area for the kiddos. OK, so only Mara gets anything out of craft time right now but Theresa likes to look at the stuff and lunge for it like she is going to eat it.

That is all I really have right now. Feel free to comment so I know someone is looking at all this.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Out and About

I'm just out and about today. The big Shopping center have a fountain where Mara can play. She likes to take Green Bear with her.
I'm here really early with Tim and the kiddos. It's funny because I guess I beat a group of Stroller Strides women. I don't think my children would let me exercise while watching me from thier strollers. Oh well. I get enough exercise chasing my three year old on her trike.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

OK, Let's get serious

Now I am going to get serious about this blog thing. I want to keep various people updated and into what is going on with me and my family. I want a place where people can hear about my child's first tooth. And I want to show off pictures of my kid on her trike to the whole world. She is that cute. So now, this blog. I may not have been diligent before now about updatining before, but I am now. This is mostly due to the fact that I now have a laptop and camera/camcorder and bug wireless off some neighbor. :) There will be many posts to come.