Friday, April 17, 2009

Back to the PhotoChallenge

I decided that I should go back to the photo challenge because it gives me something to blog about daily.  Today, for the 107th day of the year, the photo challenge was gardens.  Well, I live in
 Arizona.  If you don't know, it's a desert.  Then of course I have an apartment in the city.  I have no lawn for a garden.  But fortunately I had a play date scheduled for the zoo today. 
 They have lots of  fun little gardens.  This little rose garden is nestled right by the warty pigs.  It's a really pretty area.  Mara and Resa had fun with their friends and it was pretty cool because we all had strollers and for the most part the kids didn't really want to ride in them.  We had lunch, played in the new play area and then left.  But not before stopping at the splash park.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

it's been a month I need to get on this already

So I keep meaning to post about what has gone on and what is going on but then It's been so hectic, frantic, and then I feel obligated to go into detail about all the stuff going on and that has gone on since my last post.  Well, let's be honest people, that is just not going to happen.  It's been a month.  Let's talk about today.

Today I'm enjoying some time out with the kids.  Currently.  I'm at the most awesome Chick-fil-A ever.  It has free wi-fi.  It has a play area.  It has free refills on my cherry coke.   I sitting down blogging while my kids are having fun playing on a slide and climbing through inner tubes.  As a bonus, I have figured out how to automate the slide show so I don't even have to do anything and pictures will go up directly from my camera.  If some are a bit sideways, sorry.  Also if any pictures show up that you want down (because your in them) just let me know.  I know some of you are paranoid.  I'm doing it this way new pictures can just show up and you don't have to wait for me to update all the time.

Tim comes home tonight.  That means I need to clean today.  I let things slide a bit without him.  Mom comes up Saturday.  We get to all look at houses together, except of course for the kiddos.  They get to play at church with some of the most awesome children's ministry people of Praxis church.  I LOVE parent's day out.  :)  

That's what's up with me.  If you could leave me a comment when you read this so I know I'm not doing this all in vain.