Monday, March 28, 2011

church without walls

Church is not a place of four walls that people meet in on Sunday but a community of believers that stretches back through time to the Church of Acts and far into the future.  It encompasses all believers and should stretch out it's hand to the community surrounding it.  To celebrate we had Church Without Walls this last Sunday at the Park.  Fun times

Later that day I went to my mom's house and took some pictures of her flowers.  I hope you like.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Car Wash

I went and took pictures of the car wash my church was hosting.  It was kinda fun.  Here are the best ones.

Marching Along

Well so far March is going along well.  I got a new camera as a tax return present and so there will be many pictures to come.  The kids had a fun birthday party, Timmy turned 1 and Mara turned 6.  We celebrated at the park with some good friends and family.  Christen (my sis-in-law) made the cakes again.  She did an awesome job doing a Noah's ark cake for Timmy and a Castle Cake for Mara.  (I helped with the castle cake).

After the party we went up to my parents new house in Pinetop.  The kids had a blast hiking all around.  While there we saw Elk, Squirrels, a Skunk, Crawdad.  Plus we saw a Coyote on the way back.  Although the kids favorite part was going to the park and sliding on the slide.  Plus we got to eat at Charlie Clark's, supper yummy.  Mara wants to go back again.