Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The First Day

Well the morning seemed to start out like any other. The girls woke up early and were playing in the living room. Then some fun conversation was had over their morning cereal. But it was not any other morning. All the members of the household had to get out of our P.J.s and into some real clothes much sooner than was the normal routine. But then this now would be the new normal routine.

Theresa picked out one of her yellow dresses from one of the drawers. I think it was the one on top. Mara however did not pick out her dress from one of her drawers. Although her drawers did have a variety of sun-dresses to choose from, those sun-dresses are not in compliance with the school district's dress code (for they do not have sleeves). The dress Mara desired to wear for this special day would come from inside her closet. This dress had been hanging inside Mara's closet for over a week, staring at her. Just waiting to be worn and danced around in. In fact Mara had been begging to wear it, every day, ever since it had first appeared. This was her Special School Dress. That is the dress that Mara got to wear today.

After Mara put on this dress there was immediate singing and dancing involved. "It's my special day today, I get to go to school..." Soon after, the bag were packed and we were almost ready to be off. The children only showed slight impatience at having to wait for their mother to check the camera battery and then take pictures of everybody. Then we began our walk there.

Although the school is in sight of our house the walk seemed long to the smallest walker in our group. Maybe though it was just the sun beating down upon us. Mara looked up at our clear blue skies and wished it would just rain to cool us off a little. Soon after we were there.

It seemed like we had gotten there early and with many swings available both girls were soon well occupied. I personally used this opportunity to photograph this once in a lifetime event. Soon the playground was filled with these little students all laughing a playing. Some of them even hugging and talking about how it had been so long since they had seen one another. Then there was bells ringing, and lines being formed. Teachers were then marching students into various classrooms. One of these students being my little girl. I stayed for a quick peek. To look at Mara in her classroom with all her new school friends. But then it was time to leave.

The walk back home was nice. Theresa and I talked about the flowers and the cloudless sky. And also about her big sister. Who we would not see again until the 1:45 pickup.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Some Updates

Well after hearing some comments about my last post I realized something. My main followers don't just stop at the top to look at all the updated pictures. They scroll down and read all the wordy bits too. That calls for an actual update.

Mara will be starting full time kindergarten in Mrs. Vick's class this Wednesday. I got to talk with her extensively during the 'Jump Start' and I feel very confident that Mara will love it there and will be coming home with a large amount of fridge art on a daily basis. Plenty to share with all the grandparents. Mara will also be in ballet for another season so there will be a nutcracker performance come the Christmas time.

Theresa's only major milestone right now is that she had her first bloody nose today. Poor thing, she face planted right into the asphalt. I told her when she was all better she could have some chocolate milk. She seemed to recover fairly quickly. I'm looking forward to hanging out with her on a more one-on-one basis when Mara's in school.

Timmy is just cute. He smiles, giggles, rolls over and sucks his thumb.

Well that's all the words I can think of for now. I'll try to post more often since I now know that people pay attention to it. Oh, and I got my shirt.