Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Once again, Long time and no posts

So, all you wonderful people that come and check on my blog have been disappointed to find no new posts as of late.  There is no real excuse and I am sorry.

Well, on to some updates.  Mara is now potty trained and has flooded the bathroom only once with her overzealous use of toilet paper.  Now because she uses the potty and is over 37 inches tall she can play in the IKEA ball pit while Resa and I go about the store.  Theresa likes to just go.  And then go.  And she keeps on going.  She climbs on everything but has some issues with getting down.  Both children are very pleased with the new posters on the wall from the Dairy Council of Arizona and I look forward to playing with the food cards they sent.  (Who new that they gave away free milk propaganda to small children in the state?)  

This Friday I plan on taking the kids "Trunk or Treating" at the church down the street.  Mara is going to be a cat and Theresa will be a bear.  This is subject to change.

As for me, I lost my camera recently on a trip to the zoo.  I had an extra child with me that day and was trying to take pictures.  I put the camera in my pocket but it must have fallen out when I picked up one of the kiddos.  So no new pictures for a while folks. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall is here

I left the house in a sweater today.  It's starting to get cold. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

A week at mom's

I heard Aunt Barb and Uncle Ed were going to come to town so I popped in for a visit.  It was fun hanging out with the family down here.  Got to go to the mountains and play in a creek with the girls plus I went to Art in the Park.  Plus I had a little birthday dinner at Chili's last night.

Through this all, I FORGOT MY CAMERA.

Luckily I got some pictures with my Uncle's camera and Tim brought the camera down when he came to pick me up.  So I only have limited pictures.