Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So the other day Tim, the girls and I went to a church bbq/cornhole tournament.  if you don't know what a cornhole tournament is then you are not alone.  We only learned of it the weekend before.  It is played kinda like horse shoes, but instead of horseshoes there is a bean bag (or filled with dried corn).  and instead of a stick in the ground there is a slanted board with a hole in it.  People take turns throwing bean bags onto the board and hopefully into the hole.  if the bags get into the hole it is 3 points and on the board is 1 point.  every round is net scoring and the first team to 21 wins.  this game is apparently popular in the Midwest (where they grow corn).

Tim and I practiced right before hand.  we NEEDED it.  much fun was had and the kids enjoyed running around with all the other kids there.  then it came time for the tournament to start.  it started kinda late and the kids had had a long day.  when it was our turn the kids decided that they wanted to be attached to us.  Tim was holding Mara and I had Resa so we were throwing bean bags with one hand and had a kid in the other.  apparently as parents our balance has shifted so much while holding children that we need to hold them in order to throw properly.  we so rocked that round.  somehow we kicked butt against two guys that play this game on a weekly basis.  then in the next round (it was bracketed because there were 30 or so teams) the kids were playing happily.  we were not holding them.  we did not do good.  it was very bad.  and kinda funny.  we left in defeat after that.  it was a couple hours after the kids bedtime anyways. :)