Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Garden

I like strawberries.  Fresh strawberries.  Just plucked from the vine and still warm from the sun Fresh Strawberries.  (My mouth is starting to water as I think about it).  Growing up every summer it seemed like I had fresh strawberries whenever I went into the back yard and wandered by the garden.  

Well we don't have a backyard.  Or a front yard.  We kinda have a patio that overlooks a parking lot.  We have No yard.  NONE.  No yard, no garden, no fresh picked strawberries.  I literally can't remember when the last time I had a fresh JUST picked strawberry.  

While looking at different apartment plant arrangements on Pinterest involving stacking pots and hanging gardens I came across this pretty wall garden that just seemed perfect.  On the website it linked back to this tutorial.  It looked simple, fun and in budget.  It involved old wooden pallets.  

Well I went pallet 'shopping'  the day after I saw it.  By shopping I mean I drove around looking for pallets by dumpsters.  I saw many that were really broke, splintered, and in general needed major repair work before using.  I struck GOLD though behind a beverage house though.  The Budweiser guy was unloading and he had two wooden pallets in great condition all I had to do was wait till he was done.  He said I could have um but only one would fit in my car.  Brought it home and spent a day fixing it up and painting it.  

Before going to Home Depot I made a chart of all the plants we would need.  I let the kids each pick out a flower set and we went to town.  I talked to the 'Expert Gardener' about soil and dirt and then we were off to plant.  While working on it I met and talked to more neighbors than I had since moving in.  

My garden has to stay flat for a week while the plants take root then I can put it against the wall.  Feel free to tell me what you think.

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